My Life in Ruffles

While in the abyss of mindless screen scrolling late one night I came across a cheerful post with this smiling beauty Queen of wonder. Having a rainbow colored sweater and an Instagram username of @mylifeinruffles. I, of course read her caption: "Walking into this week with a greater understanding of 'my' why. Just because your path looks different or you don't quite understand things just know it's part of the process. It's part of the story. It's your story." I read it again. Simple words yet exactly what I needed to hear in that moment.

After hemming and hawing, I decided to go out on an uncomfortable whim and ask @mylifeinruffles aka Tina out for coffee. I have never EVER done this before but it just felt right. She agreed to meet and I come to find out we live ten minutes away from each other. It’s super crazy to be ten minutes away from someone when you live 30 minutes outside of Dallas. Something‘s brewing here... and I still don’t know what but it’s definitely brewing!

Tina shared a little bit about her why. She’s creating and building an emotionally supportive community and network of people who‘ve had weight-loss surgery. Her transparency and raw online presence literally gives me goosebumps. She shares from the heart, through personal experiences and does so with exceptional integrity. Tina’s a rare find in today's social media age. She brings all the realness feels out with her authentic self and fire sense of style.

Tina is the epitome of inspiration and empowers so many women by providing real facts on self care, the impact of weight loss surgery, emotional support and speaking her truth in matters of food. She is making waves by allowing herself to be open, honest and vulnerable. Tina has started a movement. I can’t wait to see all the lives she’ll change. She’s already changed mine.

If you need support before or after having weight loss surgery check out her blog at set to launch this January.

Blessings & Baubles,

Nicole Chamberlain

”Embrace your uniqueness, it’s your superpower!”

- Tina

Lucero Cervantes Photography

The Ville Studio

Farmersville, TX

Dress: Caffeinated Beauty Bar