• Nicole Chamberlain

Purple Reign

I’m drawn to Betsey Winters. Her love for purple, Nars lipstick and designer Ralph Lauren. She is the highest example of signature style and has 'the gift' in the fabulous art of dressing.

It's the marvelous details of Betsey that really get me pumped up for life, like the ornateness of her gold chains that never leave her neck or her mother’s silver cuff which displays the finest name etching craftsmanship I’ve ever seen. There's her exotic garden as she has a real green thumb. Betsey giggles about southern gardening in Texas humbly stating it's taken over thirty years to master in part due to her Northeastern roots and she'll shamelessly admit to killing tons of plants. Also, her career experience as a museum curator and the way she fondly talks about her lovely daughter, Mrs. Metro Councilor of Oregon- Christine Lewis! Go! Christine! Go!

My gem of a friend graciously agreed to model and made the trip out to Farmersville, TX to 'The Ville Studio' for my empowered women photo shoot. She modeled the pieces so eloquently like one of God’s living treasures for there’s only one Betsey Winters. The one that reigns in the color purple and the one who can humbly grow exotic flowers in Texas’ mischievous weather. There’s only one BW folks and she’s wearing my jewelry with her ear-cuff because yes, she’s that cool. Just look at her reign!

Blessings & Baubles,

Nicole Chamberlain

"I have everything I need to be happy right between my ears."

- Jane Jarvis, Jazz Great

Photograph taken by Lucero Cervantes Photography at 'The Ville Studio' in Farmersville, TX. Wardrobe partly provided by a small woman owned business called Caffeinated Beauty Bar located in Southlake, TX.