So Why Urbane?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

When I think about the word urbane and it's definition I picture my courteous husband being so refined in manner. i see my suave best friend who's cultivated and worldly-wise. two very cool men whom i admire and inspire me to get dressed everyday. getting dressed is an art form of self care, i feel better about myself when i put some intention into what i'm wearing.

in the fifth grade you couldn't get me to wear jeans. i practically lived in black leggings and my mountain dew sweatshirt because it was comfortable and when i'm comfortable i feel safe. also that ensemble would allow me to freely dance in freak out motions whilst listening to my cassette tape of roxette. today i bring a conscious effort to indulge myself in cozy-fun attire to ensure i'm showing up for my life. which brings me to my point why urbane?

the answer is simply to inspire people to take unrestrained pleasure in taking care of themselves. to suit up and show up! getting dressed does not require expensive clothing or accessories. all it requires is you showing up for yourself. 'urbane' cole is an attempt to set a new standard as we live in a society of athleisure where anything goes and getting dressed up is almost faux pas. so please feel free to throw your lululemon athletica at my screen i promise not to take offense and trust me when i say this you are worth the extra effort.

Blessings and baubles,

nicole chamberlain