The Missing Arrow

The inspiration behind the carved magnesite arrow necklace is worth a share. i am somewhat 'in-the-know' as far as crime's against women goes yet this particular subject threw me for a loop. the subject of missing indigenous women in north america.

Sadly I must admit before listening to investigative reporter, Connie Walker's podcast: 'Missing and Murdered' I hadn't given much thought to the crimes committed against women in indigenous communities. she dives deep into the murder of alberta williams- who disappeared along Canada's infamous highway 16 (aka the highway of tears), a graveyard that accumulated nearly 60 plus victims from 1970 to 2018. these women are disappearing, being abused and murdered at rapid rates. i had no idea this was and continues to be such an epidemic. in the us, 84 percent of native american women will experience violence in their lifetime. that is one scary statistic!

i created this piece to share my truth in hopes that it will bring awareness and to get us talking about the 583 native american women that are still missing. for me it's not just about creating art for my small business and wearing #statementjewelry. it's about digging inside myself and asking how can i better serve my community. The heart of my business is helping other women, it's where my inspiration comes from and this creation has so much of my heart. in honor of missing indigenous women.

"The most dangerous idea is silencing people."

-Naval RAvikant

for support with domestic violence call the native american hotline at (855) 985-9306 or Genesis women's shelter hotline at (214)946-HELP (4357).

Blessings & Baubles,

Nicole Chamberlain


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