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Embrace the playful spirit of summer with the American Woman Bracelet, an 8-inch stretch bangle that brings together a vibrant mix of eclectic elements. The focal point of this lively piece is a handcrafted ceramic bead, adorned with blue stripes, a white background, and whimsical red swirls, adding a unique artistic flair.

Complementing the centerpiece are large, multicolored polymer clay discs that create a lively, eye-catching contrast. Vintage wood beads from the 1960s and bright orange wood beads infuse a nostalgic touch and a burst of warm color, perfect for sunny days.

Adding to its charm are three pink leather tassels, swaying gently with every movement, making this bracelet as dynamic as your summer adventures. Ideal for those who love to express their individuality with bold accessories, the American Woman Bracelet is a fun, eclectic piece that captures the essence of the season.

American Woman Bracelet

SKU: 2024062109
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