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Introducing the "Diamond Dreams Bangle," a captivating stretch bracelet that measures approximately 8 inches in circumference. This oversized piece is designed to make a statement, perfect for stacking with your favorite bracelets.

The centerpiece of this bangle is a handcrafted Peruvian ceramic bead adorned with a pink diamond-shaped design, showcasing a unique blend of white, brown, and army green hues. Surrounding this focal bead are vibrant 1970s hot pink wood beads and natural wood beads from the same era, adding a touch of retro charm. Gold-filled copper accents enhance the bracelet's elegance, while a vintage army green bicone-shaped charm adds a distinctive touch.

Embrace the nostalgic beauty and eclectic style of the "Diamond Dreams Bangle," a timeless addition to any jewelry collection.

Diamond Dreams Bangle

SKU: 2024070501
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